be for

good design shouldn't be exclusive.

Design is art.

When designing with accessibility in mind, it ensures that everyone has the opportunity to experience and appreciate design as an art form.

I believe that through principled user experience design, aesthetics should not compromise accessibility and inclusivity.

This site aims to adhere to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1), with Level AA conformance.

This includes guidelines regarding:

  • Contrast,
  • Sizing & spacing,
  • Usability, and
  • animation.

Committing to inclusive design principles ensures that everybody can experience design, regardless of perspective, background, disability, culture, geography, or life experience.

This is an ongoing commitment.

Despite significant efforts made to ensure all content and experiences are made accessible, the pursuit of beautiful aesthetics is often at war with content accessibility.

I am continuously looking to improve the accessibility of all digital experiences I engage with, including this site. If you encounter difficulty accessing any of the content on this site, or should you have any comments (general or specific) regarding accessibility, your feedback is valued.

Please reach out to to flag any issues or concerns. Please ensure that you include the URL to the page you are concerned with, or supply screenshots where applicable.

Your feedback, experience, and perspective is valued.

Because design should be for everybody.